Bookkeeping System Audit

for the independent DIYer

who needs a fresh set of eyes

and a personalized action plan.

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This service is for you if:

  • You’ve already got your own bookkeeping system set up, but you’re not sure if you’re doing it right! Are you missing transactions? Did you put your numbers in the wrong spot? Should you be recording this like that?

  • Or, you’ve got your own bookkeeping system set up, but something’s gone wrong! Accounts not reconciling? Do your financial statements look wrong?


I’m Katie, Solopreneur Bookkeeping Nerd.

When I did bookkeeping at a public accounting firm, my job was to set up new books or clean up old ones, then maintain them on a monthly basis.

Every set of books I did had to be reviewed and approved by my boss- a highly intelligent and terribly detail-oriented CPA.

And because we were a tax specialty firm, all our bookkeeping was done with the intention of preparing the business’ for tax season!

Thanks to this experience, I was able to develop a critical eye for analyzing financial reports and bookkeeping systems for inaccurate information or inefficiencies.



The Bookkeeping System Audit* is your opportunity to have someone with the above experience take a look at your system and figure out what’s working and what’s not.

My job is to make sure the right numbers are being recorded in the right places, the accounts can reconcile accurately, and the records are being maintained properly for tax purposes!

Whether you have a specific crisis or just want a fresh set of eyes to make sure you’ve been doing it right, this service is for you.

* not to be confused with the services of a professional accounting auditor, like IRS or Internal Auditors. This is a systems check and diagnostic tool!

How the Bookkeeping System Audit works:

  • You’ll fill out the form below and automatically receive a detailed Contract and Invoice via email.

  • Once these are signed and paid, you’ll receive a Questionnaire to fill out to offer more details on your needs with the audit.

  • You’ll also be prompted to grant me viewing access to your bookkeeping software of choice (my specialties are Wave and Quickbooks, but I can navigate others!) - this must be done before the Questionnaire can be completed.

  • Within 10 days, I’ll perform the systems audit and write up an action plan based completely on your needs! You will receive step-by-step solutions to clean up your books and get them ready for your tax professional.

The solution is perfect for you if you just need a quick diagnosis or vote of confidence - I guarantee you that you’ll receive a report with plenty of valuable advice and directions for your personal situation!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t I just bring everything I have to an accountant when they go to prepare my taxes?

Sure you can, but is that the best solution? Tax professionals are busy during tax season, and the more they have to sift through to get the numbers they need, the less likely that they’re able to find all the potential tax savings and deductions that might be hidden in your business. Plus, it can make them cranky, which can totally affect your bill.

I’m a little nervous about granting access to my books!

Don’t be! I have a strict privacy policy (outlined in the contract), so you can rest assured that your information is safe. And, when you add me as a contributor/user, you can specifically grant View Only access so I’m physically unable to make any changes (which I wouldn’t, anyway).

Do I have to use Wave or Quickbooks to use this service?

Not necessarily! While there are a lot of bookkeeping products out there, they all have to follow the same basic framework. I’m not worried about navigating other softwares, and actually welcome the opportunity to see them in action!

Do you only offer this for service-based business owners?

Know that my specialities are in service-based businesses or digital product businesses. I have a particular weakness with product-based businesses that involve physical inventory - I simply don’t have the accounting experience to fully navigate the inventory world! While I can crack open a old textbook and take on the challenge if you really want me to, it might be worth finding someone who specializes in your business model!

Can’t you just make the changes for me?

This service is purely an AUDIT of your system; I do not make the changes myself. If you’d like me to take over the monthly management of your books after the audit changes have been made, that is an additional service option. Otherwise, if you want a full bookkeeping cleanup done, that is considered a Custom service, which you can read about on my main service page HERE.

Don’t see an answer to your question?

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