DIY Bookkeeping Coach

for the soon-to-be DIY bookkeeper

who needs a personalized tutor

to help get things started.

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This service is for you if:

  • You’re a service or digital product solopreneur feeling a bit overwhelmed trying to navigate bookkeeping.

  • You know you want to handle your books yourself, but you’d really appreciate a tutor to help you do it right!

Are you struggling to get started with your bookkeeping?

What account titles do you use? How do you handle your business’ historical transactions? How do you get those numbers to reconcile?


I’m Katie, Bookkeeping Nerd and Your New Biz Bestie!

During my time working at a public accounting firm, I handled several bookkeeping clients in a variety of industries.

Many of them were new to our firm, so I often had to set up their systems in our software from scratch.

I’ve created bookkeeping systems over and over again, and I want to help you set up yours!

Bookkeeping overall is actually not difficult.

The regular maintenance can become very routine.

However, getting started can still be quite the learning curve!

So, you have three options…

  • Option 1: Stumble through it yourself and spend a lot of time making mistakes.

  • Option 2: Pay someone a monthly rate to handle your books for you (at approximately $150/month, that totals $1,800 a year).

  • Option 3: Pay just one fee of $325 to have a Bookkeeping Coach set it up with you and teach you how to manage it all independently moving forward.

Take a close look at Option 3.

Pay $325 once to learn to DIY your books versus $1,800 a year to hire someone else to do it.

If you ask me, that sounds like a pretty good gig.


  • The first steps involve the application process, contract, invoice, and questionnaire.

  • Then we’ll have our first video call via Zoom! This call is the real deep dive where we set some foundations, begin the setup, and build the framework for your bookkeeping system. Through screen-sharing and face-to-face communication, we’ll really be able to walk through it all together!

  • During the first call, we’ll also set the parameters for what we’ll work on together. This typically involves doing 1-3 months of bookkeeping. For example, we may set up January together and have you work on February and March for the rest of the coaching period. We’ll customize it to your needs during the call!

  • After the initial call, we’ll communicate via Slack over the next 1-2 weeks (again, depending on your customized plan) while you take what you’ve learned and apply it to additional months. You essentially have unlimited access to me during this time! We’ll focus on answering your questions, solidifying your understanding, and educating you on accounting practices!

  • We’ll schedule a second, final call for the end of the period. This call will be to review what you’ve learned, clean up any final details, and answer your final questions!

  • Following the last video call, you’ll still have two months of additional support through our Slack channel! So if special circumstances arise as you start doing your own books later, I’ll still be there for you.

Because of the varying nature of different business’ financial and record-keeping needs, it’s beneficial for both of us to make sure we’re a good fit before any investments are made!

I want to make sure that I have the knowledge and experience to serve you well. As a result, I utilize a low-hassle application process so we can figure this out from the start.

How to apply:

  • Fill out the application below to the best of your ability, and I’ll be in touch real soon!

  • And no worries! If I determine that we’re not the best fit, I’ll work to help you find someone else who can meet your needs! There’s nothing to lose, so get started now!

Apply now!