How to Implement Pinterest Sections in Your Blog's Marketing Strategy

Update 5/9/18: This article was written when Pinterest Sections were brand new and we weren't yet sure how it would fit into the marketing world. It's now been about six months, so this post has been updated accordingly.

Towards the end of 2017, Pinterest rolled out a new feature called Sections to help users organize their Pinterest boards.

Essentially, these are Pinterest boards-within-a-board, which is the perfect solution for users who find their inspiration boards to be a bit impractical for finding specific pins.

For example, you would typically see a Home Decor pinner have a "Living Room" board with pins related to decorating and organizing a living room space. Now, that pinner can have a "Living Room" board with separate sections for "Furniture," "Organization,"  "Wall Decoration," "Windows," "Floors," etc.

This is a great way for users to get a little OCD with their personal boards, but what about for bloggers and marketers?

Marketers reap the highest benefits from focusing their Pinterest efforts on appearing in search results; that's the way most users discover content! So far, Pinterest Sections do not do anything to aid that effort.

So if we can't use Pinterest Sections for SEO, what's the point?

(Spoiler alert: There is still a way to use them!)

Pinterest just rolled out a new feature that allows you to create sections within your boards! This is exciting news for future pinning, but what do you do about the boards you already have? Learn how to easily get your Pinterest account up-to-date and start implementing Pinterest Sections in your social media marketing strategy.

Organize your Blog Posts board.

Genius, right?

If your goal is traffic and engagement, it doesn't really help to organize your boards into Sections. In fact, if you notice ways that you could specifically categorize content within a board, I highly encourage you to create an entirely separate board for those pins! I don't teach that you need a super-specific blog niche, but I will tell you that niched-down boards is definitely the way to go. So use that to your advantage!

However, I recently came upon the Pinterest account of Cathrin Manning from The Content Bug. And you cannot tell me that this isn't the most gorgeous Blog Posts board you've ever seen:

I can't stop looking at it.

I truly think this is the way to utilize Sections in your account in a way that really benefits your brand. It makes it super clear and easy to navigate all of your content, which is often the first place people go when they land on your profile. My Blog Posts board is, by far, my most popular board on my account, which is definitely the goal!


How to section your board

Practically speaking, I would recommend organizing your Sections by your major blog categories. You don't need a ton, just enough to make it easy to navigate your content!

I also noticed that Cath has pins in both her sections and her main board (you can see the first row of pins in the bottom of the image; these are not sorted into Sections). I'm not 100% sure what her system is, but it looks like she just repins the same pin into the applicable Section from the board itself.

This is certainly an option, though I'm not a huge fan of having duplicate pins on a board when I can help it. Instead, you may want to Section your pins, and then keep the alternate pins unsorted in the main board.

For example, I write this blog post and create the pin that you see at the top of the page (giant, blue, vertical, can't miss it, you should pin it!). I pin that to the Blogging section of my Blog Posts board (as of this writing, I haven't done it yet, but give me a shout-out in the comments if you checked my profile and I've since managed to get it done!). Then, I create an alternate pin for this same post with different wording and a new background image. It links to the same post, but it's a different pin, so I pin it straight to my "The Lazy Source" board, without putting it into a specific Section.

This way, I'd have the primary version all pretty and sorted by category for your browsing and repinning pleasure. But sometimes people just like to access everything (and it looks nice to have a filled up board!), so they can still access all the content in one place in the "Un-Sectioned" area.

Really, organize it however you want, or don't organize it at all! Just know that a well organized Blog Posts board really stands out to people like me!

If you do want to organize your boards this way, you can follow the tutorial below to get started!


How to create a section.

So first things first, we need to create some sections. You can do this on mobile, but I think it'll go much quicker if you hop onto a computer.

You'll want to take a look at your blog's categories so you know how to organize your board. If you don't have content categories, go do that right now!

Once you've figured that out, you're ready for organizing.

Important note: I originally created this tutorial for organizing ANY board on your account. The screenshots will reflect organizing a personal board with curated pins from a wide variety of sources. While I have since decided this isn't worth the time investment (though it certainly looks nice!), the steps are exactly the same for organizing your actual blog post board.

Go into the board, and click + Add section under your description. Type in the section's name and hit Add! Bam. Done.

screenshot of Pinterest board
screenshot of Pinterest add section window


How to move a pin.

Now comes the more time-consuming part, depending on how many pins you're working with. You need to sort your pins into the correct sections. First, I'll show you how to move a single pin. Then, I'll show you how to batch the process and move 50 at a time!

First, up, individual pins. Go to the pin that you want to move, and click the pencil icon to Edit the pin.

screenshot with arrow pointing to edit option on a Pinterest pin

You'll see a new option for Section, underneath the Board drop-down menu. When the pin is in the general board, the menu says No Section. This pin will still be visible, it just will be in the "parent folder," rather than a subsection. Click the drop-down menu, and select the section you want to add it to!

screenshot of Pinterest section selection menu

Then all you have to do is click the red Save button in the bottom right corner. And ta da! You'll be able to see that it's moved to the front of your new Section!

screenshot of an organized Pinterest section


How to batch the process.

I was really, really dumb and spent about 15 minutes moving individual pins like this. Then I found this button.

screenshot with arrow pointing to the organize button in a Pinterest board

Honestly, I couldn't tell you if that button existed beforehand. My instincts say yes. So, if you're silly like me and haven't paid nearly enough attention, there's an Organize button within your boards! Oops.

So anyway, save yourself the arthritis and click the Organize button that appears as you scroll down into the pins on your board. Then, you can select a bunch of pins at once and move them in batches!

Keep in mind that Pinterest won't move more than 50 pins. I screwed this up the first time and had 60 selected. Then when it told me it wouldn't do more than 50 that way, I panicked and deselected all of them. That cost me about another 15 minutes.

Update 11/13/17: I received an awesome tip that the Organize button also allows you to move an entire board if you choose to "Select All." This way, if you've organized your boards to be subsets of each other, you can now move an entire board into the section of another. So the limitation is actually up to 50 pins, or the entire board. }

If you accidentally click more than 50 pins, or even if you just click a pin you didn't mean to, you can just click it again to deselect.

Once you've selected all the pins you want to move, or just 50 that you want to move, click the Move button in the top left of your screen.

screenshot with arrow pointing to the move button on a Pinterest board

Select Save next to the section you want, which will be indented underneath the board name.

screenshot of the board and section selection menu for moving Pinterest pins

And then you should see a message like this pop up on the bottom of your screen:

screenshot of the confirmation popup from Pinterest when you move pins


How it comes together.

And honestly, that's it! It's a super simple process. Once you get that done, you'll have sections that look something like this at the top of your board:

screenshot of organized Pinterest sections
screenshot of organized Pinterest sections
screenshot of organized Pinterest sections


Good luck!

There you have it! As I said, it's a super simple process and it doesn't take too long, unless you have a board with a ton of pins.

If you're still unsure about organizing all your curated boards, I'd say that Lazypreneurs could find much better uses for our energy. But, if you really love the organization of it all, pull up a movie on Netflix, grab a snack, and get organizing! I haven't yet come across a good reason not to use Pinterest Sections, if you know what I mean.

Otherwise, the next time you're doing a Pinterest account cleanup or you're looking for a small step you can take to better your blog, I highly recommend organizing your Blog board. It's on my to-do!

Let me know in the comments, have you had any interesting insights into the new Pinterest Sections?

Until next time!

- Katie Scott