60-Minute Clarity Call

for the overwhelmed solopreneur

who needs her questions answered

and a clear path to follow.

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This service is for you if:

  • You need an affordable way to speak with someone who can point you in the right direction.

  • You have a general idea of what you’re supposed to be doing, but you’re not quite sure where to start with your bookkeeping, money management and/or profit plan.

  • You have loads of questions that you just need answers to!


Meet Katie, your biz finance coach!

Most of the time, the challenge of finances is simply getting all your information in one place.

Everyone seems to have different budgeting solutions, or percentages to set aside for taxes, or bookkeeping products.

This Clarity Call is your chance to sit down with someone who can help you find the best solutions for your business.

In order to give you real answers, I draw on my educational and professional experience as well as the research that I’ve done specifically for you!

But it’s not just about what I think!


Meet Sheila of


Business Coach for Bloggers

“Math has NEVER been my strong suit. And when it came to managing my blog + business finances, I got confused and overwhelmed in an instant. Which is why I jumped at the chance to have a coaching call with Katie! In 60 minutes she answered all my burning questions in words that made sense to me, gave me an action plan to get all my money stuff sorted and optimized, and really helped me finally take charge of my finances.

And she didn’t stop there, after our call she followed up with detailed notes and tips that laid out everything we talked about (and more!) Now I know exactly how to track my income and expenses, what I need to be doing once tax season rolls around, and how to make time for accounting. And get this: I’m actually excited to manage my finances now (I know, crazy!) I can’t recommend Katie enough!”

and Meet Lauren of


Branding & Squarespace Designer

“Katie was wonderful to speak with on the clarity call. I came into the call feeling very lost about how to handle my finances for my business since I just went full time a few months ago, but she answered all my questions thoroughly and followed up with an amazing PDF summarizing all the things we touched on and more. 

The accounting aspects of my business no longer feels like a looming cloud over my head. I feel much more confident about tax preparation and know what my next steps are. Katie overdelivered on value and I would highly recommend her to any new business owner who needs to take the first step in gaining clarity on their finances.”

How the Clarity Call works:

  • You’ll fill out the form below and automatically receive a detailed Contract and Invoice via email. This is also where you’ll schedule you call!

  • You’ll then receive a Questionnaire to fill out to offer more details about your business. I heavily rely on this, so this is your chance to throw word count to the wind and tell me what’s on your mind!

  • Then we’ll have our 60-minute call via Zoom at the time you scheduled it for! We’ll talk about where your business is at, what you’re struggling with, what questions you have, and what your next steps should be.

  • Following the call, I’ll send you super-detailed notes from our chat (usually supplemented with further insights and research!) and a video recording of the whole session!

The solution is perfect for you if you just need to talk it all out. We can address money mindset, bookkeeping, tax preparation, budgeting and money management, profit goals, or whatever else is on your mind! At the end of it, you’ll have both answers and tangible action steps to apply to your business moving forward!

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I schedule a call with you, or should I be looking for a consultation with a CPA?

Consult with a CPA if you plan on using them for their services (for example, tax preparation). Otherwise, a call with me may be simpler (and potentially cheaper). It could also be more helpful for you, since CPAs focus on the tax & legal side of business! Not only do I have first-hand experience with your online service-based or digital product business models, but I value the practical, preemptive money management side of things way more than your average accountant!

I’m so lost, I don’t even know what question I have!

Not a problem! Fill out the questionnaire as best as you can and we’ll hash it all out during the call, promise!

I have a lot of tax questions, can you help me with my specific tax situation?

This is where meeting with a CPA that specializes in taxes is more valuable. I have tax preparation experience, so I can walk you through the foundational knowledge you need to understand how your business affects your taxes. But I do not claim to have enough experience to look at YOUR personal tax situation and make decisions. I stay in my lane and stick to the basics!

I live outside the U.S., can you still help me with taxes?

While my experience is all in U.S. tax law, I am perfectly willing to research that tax law in your country! I’ve already done it for South Africa and Australia. Again, I focus on tax basics (and since I recommend getting your taxes done by a pro, that’s all you need to know!), so I focus on the simple stuff.

Don’t see an answer to your question?

Send over a quick email to or use the form above to submit a question!