Finance sucks.

Numbers are gross.

Accounting doesn’t even make any sense.

Monthly bookkeeping? Forget it.

Does any of this sound like you?

I hear you – numbers aren’t your thing.

You’re a CREATIVE, not an accountant. You’re an ENTREPRENEUR, not a bookkeeper.

So, perhaps you’ve been just a tiiiiny bit lazy about keeping up with your business’ finances…

(Or maybe you’ve neglected it completely, oops.)


Hi there! I'm Katie!

I'm an accountant-turned-blogger who hates bookkeeping as much as you do.

But, lucky for you, my academic and professional background enables me to make it a lot less painful for you!

If you only take one thing away from this page, I want it to be this sentence:

Your finances are so simple and so powerful that you owe it to your dream to pay attention to them.



Business finance for solopreneurs (especially in the early stages) are actually incredibly straightforward.

Once you learn the basic framework for how to properly organize these numbers, it’s honestly a piece of cake to maintain your system.

How does 15 minutes a month sound?


You want to run a business? Tell me how you can do it without involving finance.

If you don’t manage your money, your money will certainly start to manage you!

Poor financial management is one of the primary reasons why small businesses fail – and I don’t want you to become a statistic.


How would you like to confidently know your numbers?

How great would it be to have a healthy relationship with your books?

I can help you get there.

As your business finance coach, my job is to help you

  • develop systems for managing your finances 

  • create action plans to make your profit dreams come true 

  • feel confident and capable when you think about money.


We’re going to work together to demystify your numbers and empower you to move your business forward.

There are two routes we can take

to get you to financial success.


Choose your path.


(Or choose 'em both, I won't judge.)


60-Minute Clarity Call

$49.00 USD

  • One 60-minute video call

  • Follow-up accountability via email

  • Access to my Client Resource Library

  • At the end of the call, we will have:

    • Assessed your current business + profit model

    • Assessed your current finance systems + organization

    • Identified a new finance goal for your business + developed an action plan to reach it 

30-Day Intensive

$149.00 USD

  • Four 60-minute video calls, scheduled weekly

  • Priority access to me for 30 days via Slack messaging

  • Access to my Client Resource Library

  • At the end of the month, we will have:

    • A fully functioning bookkeeping system + the knowledge to maintain it

    • Reached a finance goal determined at the beginning of the month

    • A short-term action plan and long-term vision plan for your business

These all-time low prices are only available for a limited time! Prices will increase Winter 2018.


How do you know which path is for you?


The 60-Minute Clarity Call

is calling your name if...

  • You need an affordable way to speak with someone who can point you in the right direction.

  • You’re still in the early stages of your business but want to get started with your profit plan ASAP.

  • You’re confident in your ability to take a plan and run with it on your own…you just need help with the plan!

The 30-Day Intensive

is your perfect solution if...

  • You’re ready to buckle down with a friend and make real progress with your business.

  • You’re tired of starting towards a profit goal just to fall short…again. You need someone to walk with you and make sure you’re doing things right!

  • You know how important a strong foundation is, and you want to make sure you have everything in place for creating a profitable freedom business!

Still stuck on the fence? Shoot me a quick email and I’ll lovingly shove you in the right direction.

This service is for very specific people, and I’m committed to making sure you choose the best option for you – even if that means you don’t need my help! You can trust me to be honest with you.

Pinky promise.

Need a little FAQ to calm your worries?


Should I wait until I’m making money to use your services?

No! If you haven't created profit goals OR developed a financial management system yet and you're already making money, I have two things to say to you. One, great work, you must be a natural! Two, you've already waited too long to get things in order! Creating a strong foundation for your finances and future profits means starting on Day 0. 


Do I have to be located in the U.S. to use your services?

Nope! Just know that all of my knowledge and experience (boy, that sounds pompous) comes from a U.S. perspective. I've barely been out of my home state, so don't expect me to know the business laws in your country. Even different states within the U.S. have different rules! I will do my best to point you in the right direction, but I may need you to do a little local research on your own at some point.


Do you offer tax prep/bookkeeping services?

Never. Remember from before? I'm an accountant-turned-blogger who hates bookkeeping as much as you do. That's not just a clever tagline. I am not working my butt off to leave my day job where I do people's taxes and books all day just to do people's taxes and books all day. I'm here to EDUCATE you so you can handle your own mess and make your future CPA really proud. Truly, I find more fulfillment in that.


Why should I hire you instead of a CPA?

That all depends on your situation. If your business has been running awhile and is making it's fair share of money, you might be ready for a CPA. If you've incorporated your business, if you suspect you may have specific tax/legal questions, if you suspect you may be in trouble with your taxes/business law, then don't come to me. I'm an accountant, but I haven't done it for 10+ years. I don't have my CPA license (because I'm not a masochist). There are a lot of things I can't help you with. Feel free to reach out and ask though! I'll let you know when you need a higher-level pro.


Can’t I just outsource my finances?

Not if it's an excuse to be financially illiterate! If you have no clue what's going on with your money, how do you even know you can afford to hire someone to clean up your finances? If you want to be a solopreneur boss, you need to know your numbers like one. One day, yes, you can outsource your finances. But for now, you've got to learn it! You have to be informed to make strategic decisions for your business!


Can I hire you for help with my incorporated business?

Nah. I mean, you can, but corporations have to play by a different set of rules. If you want to talk general goal-setting and profit plans, sure, we can talk! But I'm willing to admit that corporate tax and legal requirements are outside of my comfort zone. See? I can stay in my lane.


Can I hire you for help with my product-based business?

Again, you can. But know that I have very little experience with managing inventory. I have some, and I'm always willing to do the research, but my strongest experience is with service-based businesses. I'm willing to learn, but I'm also going to be straight up with you now: I don't know much about product-based business models from an accounting standpoint. Just the basics!


I want to hire you, but I’m embarrassed because I’m CLUELESS about money!

Aw, c'mon, don't let that get in the way. Do you want to know how old I was when I learned that banks don't keep your money in a box with your name on the side? 19.

I've endured a full-semester of stock simulations in an Investments class where I was surrounded by stock-market addicted dudes. We were supposed to make as much money as possible and I'm fairly certain I would have bankrupted an entire class of Americans if it hadn't been a simulation. Seriously, I did bad. And we had to give a detailed presentation about our investment strategies and experience at the end of the semester. I've never felt more stupid.

My point in all this? I'm a natural-born money-idiot. I've had to work really hard to get to where I am today, and I haven't forgotten that. I would never judge you on your knowledge of money. You have your own strengths, and that doesn't have to be numbers! And that's what I'm here for.


I want to hire you, but I don’t like talking about my personal financial situation.

People get nervous talking about money, I understand. I have a few comforts:

  1. We can chat via email beforehand if you want to make sure you're comfortable speaking with me! I'm pretty nice, I don't judge, and I have a cute dog. #trustworthy
  2. As an accountant, one of the most important aspects of my day job was client confidentiality. I've practiced it for years, and I carry that through to my business.
  3. I've got a privacy contract just for you! It legally binds me to keeping your information private and secure, and you'll be able to read the full disclosure before signing (and before paying!). 


Can I get a refund?

For Clarity Calls: I honor refund requests up until 12 hours before the call is conducted (you'll get a 24-hour reminder so you have time to request it!). Once we've had our call, I don't issue refunds, but I'm happy to discuss your needs further if you feel you didn't receive your money's worth.

For 30-Day Intensives: I honor refund requests until Day 7. In that time, we would have begun communication through Slack and had our first video call, so you'll have plenty of time to decide if the service is right for you! After the first week, I will not issue refunds. I always encourage you to stick with it for the full month!

You will receive the full refund policy to read over and sign prior to investing in this service.


My question isn’t on this list!

Send me an email, girl! I check it sometimes (that's a joke):

Or click on the service button (below) that you're interested in and submit your question through one of those forms!

Pick your solution!


I can't wait to work with you!

P.S. Flash often makes appearances during video calls. So that'll make everything worth it!