Monthly Bookkeeping (& Analysis)

for the rising CEO

who needs someone to take it off her plate

without keeping her in the dark.

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This service is for you if:

  • You’re a service or digital product solopreneur ready to outsource your monthly financial record-keeping!

  • You want someone to take over the tedious aspects of bookkeeping while still keeping you in the loop with your numbers.

Special November 2018 Offer!

If you apply in November 2018, I’m waiving all potential set-up or clean-up fees!

This means that, whether I have to set up your Jan-Oct 2018 financials from scratch, or simply clean them up for accuracy and tax preparedness, I’ll do it all for free! The only cost to you is the regular monthly bookkeeping price for November, December, and on into 2019. This can save you hundreds of dollars!!


Hi, I’m Katie, and I’ll be your bookkeeper AND educator!

One thing that bothered me about managing clients’ books at a CPA firm was the total hands-off approach the business owners took.

They thought that because they’d outsourced their books, they didn’t need to spend time with their own finances.

Couple that with the fact that many CPAs are too busy to educate their clients while managing the finances, and you have an endless cycle of poor money management.

I want to change this. I want to save you time and energy, but I also want you to stay aware of what’s happening in your business!

My Monthly Bookkeeping & Analysis service takes the time-consuming parts off your plate while still keeping you informed!

Here’s how the monthly bookkeeping service works:

  • You’ll add me as a user/contributor to your Wave or Quickbooks Online account.

  • You’ll provide PDF statements from your bank account(s) related to your business every month.

  • I’ll get all your transactions downloaded, categorized, and reconciled.

  • Then, I’ll run your financial reports (Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement, etc.) and write up a quick analysis. This analysis will include highlights, key numbers, and any other important observations so you can make smart choices for your business moving forward!

Because of the long-term commitment involved in monthly bookkeeping, I have to make sure we’ll be a good fit before we get started! I’ve created a low-hassle application process so we can establish this from the start.

How to Apply:

  • Fill out the application below to the best of your ability, and I’ll be in touch real soon!

  • Your answers will also help me to provide a quote in my response. This service can range from $115-$200/month (or a stripped down service with reconciliations only for $75/month).

  • And no worries! If I determine that we’re not the best fit, I’ll help you find a bookkeeper who can meet your needs! There’s nothing to lose, so get started now!

Apply now!