Holistic Money Management for Digital Entrepreneurs

Let’s work together
to change your
money story

1:1 support from your fully committed coach

Here’s our basic framework:

Get your fundamentals in place for your business.

Fortify your personal finances to leverage your business’ future success.

Reverse-engineer a business that serves your goals and dreams.

Develop a revenue plan to make it all happen.

Wherever you’re at on this journey, I’m here to help!

I currently have three primary coaching offers designed to meet you where you’re at.

You can scroll down to see all the offers or jump straight to the one you’re looking for here:

Money Breakthrough Session

Your Budget Kickstarter

Cash Flow Strongholds

I’m not quite sure what I need!


Money Breakthrough

For the independent diyer

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In 60 minutes she answered all my burning questions in words that made sense to me, gave me an action plan to get all my money stuff sorted and optimized, and really helped me finally take charge of my finances.

- Sheila Joy, Purpose Coach

 Your Budget Kickstarter

For the overwhelmed non-stop hustler

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Having someone like Katie…work with me and teach me ways to track my finances, manage my finances and actually feel good about my finances, now that's an investment worth making!

- Elley Mae, Business Coach

 Cash Flow Strongholds

The quarterly experience that can change your life

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I can say this is one of the best investments I've made in my business and I wish I’d done it sooner. I now have a better grip on my finances and a step-by-step action plan for improving things long-term.

- Hannah Murphy, Virtual Assistant


Not sure what's right for you?

Know you need help, but not sure which offer fits your needs best? Wondering if you need a custom patchwork offer? Book a totally free Connection Call anyway! We can have a casual chat about what’s on your mind and create the solution that’s right for you. (And no worries, I don’t believe in aggressive sales.)


Heyyyy, Katie here!

I’m a money management coach serving women running a service or digital product-based business! I’m on a mission to remove the risk and uncertainty of self-employment income and teach female entrepreneurs how to build a profitable business that serves the life of their dreams. I take a holistic approach to money management by addressing all aspects of the entrepreneur’s personal AND business finances, helping the two to work together!

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