You’re a girl with a dream, and that dream is quickly becoming reality.

What started as a crazy internet side hustle idea has started to gain traction, and suddenly, you realize it’s possible.

Your digital products are finally selling, or your calendar is filling up with client projects and calls.

You can do this! You can build a business. You can support yourself.

You can create the life you’ve always wanted.

But something happened when you started making money. You realized that, if you’re going to grow this thing into a real, legitimate business, you need to learn how to manage that money like a real, legitimate CEO!

Suddenly, taxes are a concern. Bookkeeping to-dos are piling up. Wait, have you opened up a separate bank account? And why are some people telling me to open FIVE accounts?

You know you can make this business work, but the finance stuff feels like a totally separate entity. You know it’s important, but you’ve made it this far without looking too closely at it...perhaps it can wait another month…

To that I say: Stop procrastinating. Stop making excuses. The longer you wait, the bigger the mess you’re going to create for yourself later.

Some of the greatest advice I ever received is to be kind to your future self.

And here’s the secret that I want you to realize right now: Your finances are simpler than you think they are. They can be managed properly. You just have to start.


Hey there, Miss CEO (and future CFO!). My name is Katie Scott, and my goal is to help you get your financial foundations in order so your business can be built on solid ground.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance. During and after college, I worked for a public accounting firm where I gained experience in bookkeeping, tax, payroll, and a lot of spreadsheets. Once I realized that I couldn’t make the time and family sacrifices that was required of me in that role, I turned to entrepreneurship!

A multi-passionate at heart, I’m a perfect 50/50 blend of creative hobbyist and technical thinker. Which means that I can take what I know from the driest accounting textbooks and turn it into something fun and simple for the number-allergic solopreneurs out there.

The services I offer are designed to meet different price points and different needs, depending on where you’re at in your own financial journey! Whether you’re looking for a coach or someone to handle it for you, I’m your gal.


bookkeeping system audit

for the independent DIYer who needs a fresh set of eyes and a personalized action plan.

Clarity Call

for the overwhelmed solopreneur who needs her questions answered and a clear path to follow.


(& analysis)

for the rising CEO who needs someone to take it off her plate without keeping her in the dark.


for the soon-to-be DIY bookkeeper who needs a personalized tutor to help get things started.

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And Don't just take my word for it!

Meet Shelley of


Squarespace Designer, Copywriter, and Online Course Designer

"I’m a creative entrepreneur and I’ve been running my own business for nearly a decade, but business finance has always been something that’s really scared me – I mean like properly freaked me out! I’ve always outsourced my bookkeeping and accounting, and I’ve been pretty terrible about keeping an eye on my business numbers. But I eventually realised that this confusion about money and finances was becoming a huge success-limiter.

So when Katie first offered her business finance coaching, I snapped up the opportunity. She helped me to set some clear financial goals for my business and to put processes in place to realise those goals. She also demystified a few key financial metrics for me, so that I could get a good idea of my business’s financial health at any one time. And I think most importantly, her calm and friendly character, combined with her thorough and practical approach to business finance, has made me feel a whole lot less fearful about managing my business’s finances."


And Elley of


Social Media Manager & Brand Photographer

"The second I saw Katie was offering Finance Coaching Calls, I knew I had to book. Despite our timezones being way off (I'm in Australia), I emailed Katie & she was kind enough to work with me at 7PM!

Having someone like Katie - someone as smart, witty & authentic - work with me and teach me ways to track my finances, manage my finances and actually feel good about my finances, now that's an investment worth making! Honestly, Katie made me feel so at ease with everything throughout our call…

I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that…I will be hiring Katie for my bookkeeping. She's like a best friend & that's not something you can find just anywhere."

Why these solutions may be your BEST biz move yet!

Unlike with traditional accountants or other finance professionals, I understand creatives, take simplified & efficient approaches, and explain your numbers to you in terms you’ll understand - you’re not getting a finance degree, you’re running your own business!

CPAs seldom have the time to really help you understand your numbers. And they definitely don’t have the time to walk you through making your business profitable; most of the clients I managed bookkeeping for were losing money every month, but all we did is write up the report and send it to them. “Here are your financial statements saying you lost a lot of money. Good luck next month!”

I’m here to help you LEARN your numbers, and manage them YOUR way. Then, you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to package up your documents and take them to your local professional for tax preparation or legal advice. But if you just dump it all on them from the start, you won’t learn a thing.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Nope! Just know that all of my knowledge and experience (boy, that sounds pompous) comes from a U.S. perspective. I've barely been out of my home state, so don't expect me to know the business laws in your country. Even different states within the U.S. have different rules! I will do my best to point you in the right direction, but I may need you to do a little local research on your own at some point.


Nope! While I worked in an office that specialized in tax preparation, the majority of my experience is in other business finance matters. I only have one solid tax season of tax prep experience, and I don’t consider that enough! Finance is tricky business, so I stay in my lane and own up to what I know and don’t know.


Not if it's an excuse to be financially illiterate! If you have no clue what's going on with your money, how do you even know you can afford to hire someone to clean up your finances? If you want to be a solopreneur boss, you need to know your numbers like one. One day, yes, you can outsource your finances. But for now, you've got to learn it! You have to be informed to make strategic decisions for your business!


Have a question about a specific service? Check that service’s details page first to see if I answered your question there! Otherwise, send me an email, girl!

I get it! Maybe I haven’t quite met your needs with the offers above. Lucky for you, I’m always up for a new creative challenge.

The best way to discuss custom solutions is a face-to-face chat! So head on over here to book a free 20-Minute Coffee Chat and we’ll see if we can make something work. (Even if that means I connect you to other resources that will meet your needs!)